Aussie Pen Pals



So if your tuning in just now, you may be a little confused. However those in the know are no doubt most certainly amused. Here lies just yet another layer on our migrant adventure - connecting with the Australian natives is our latest endeavor. Calling all Aussies far and wide - won't you be my Pen Pal? My all-informative Australian guide? We can use all your advice, your input + help - anything you can give us would be totally swell! If you're up for the challenge,  then drop me a line - I've left my contact above, email is fine! I look forward to hearing your stories + advice - for this California girl can't get enough of info about that Australian Paradise!

Won't you be my Aussie Pen Pal, oh pretty please? I promise our back-and-forths will be the bees knees!!

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