Mrs. Forest Feast


Now stop right there & pause what you're doing - this announcement is one totes worth pursuing. I'm not getting a dime to spread the word + I ASSURE you I am genuinely, wholeheartedly wanting to make this book heard! It's a gem, a masterpiece, a true tabletop pleasure - the happiness it brings me can't even be measured. From the eye of a creative, it is one-of-a-kind, the type that could make you flat out lose your mind! I must explain why Madame Gleeson is such an inspiration...her self-proclaimed vegetarian recipes sit alongside original artwork - the hand lettering, photography + watercolors, ALL her very own handiwork.

Is your jaw dragging yet? Can you even imagine the time + efforts it took? I'm telling you, on the top of your wishlist should read Forest Feast..."KILLER cookbook"!!!




Buy Forest Feast here. Watch its YouTube trailer here.

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