All I Want For Mother's Day



All I'm asking for is 5 gifts to honor my role as mother - a few tokens of love really that will make me feel like no other. We moms need to be celebrated and lovingly doted upon - gifted accordingly... for example, with a floating swan! There's really no greater way to show love than through a bauble - a little ditty in the 31 carat range would certainly set my heart a sparkle! With bling such as this I'd need some shades to protect my eyes - some larger than life vintage baubles goggles would be a welcomed surprise! I'd LOVE a fabby camera with built in wifi to capture and share all my crowning mommy moments - and document those times that I'm also looking all kinds of ferocious! And lastly I'd welcome tart little tote - because it'd look so damn great alongside me whilst cruising in my swan boat! So, there you have it the long and short of my Mother's Day wants + wishes - one, or all would most definitely make me a an uber happy mommy MRS!

Swan Boat / Caviar Sudan Supreme Sunglasses / Carelle Orange Citrine + Diamond Ring / Sony Alpha NEX-%T Mirrorless Camera / Kate Spade, Vita Riva Francis Tote

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