Mrs. Changemaker



Enter Mrs. Changemaker - she's one accomplished crusader! She's known to as a successful trail blazer in all her various pursuits - which often boggles her peers leaving them in envious cahoots! She doesn't mind being the gold standard of her domain - in fact she rather fancies the challenge all the same.


When she's working the Business Model, she's sharp as a tack - strategizing solutions like a real crackerjack! She's the unspoken go-to for innovation, a true creative genius - implementing positive change with an execution that's razor sharp + seamless!

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When she's playing the part of Power Mom - she's the poster child for cool, collected + calm. By the way she can juggle, you'd swear she travelled with the circus - playdates, carpooling... she does it all with a smile + purpose. Between scheduling, planning + racing about town - she's a real hands-on mama who is worshiped and renowned!


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If ever you were in search of the ultimate travel buddy - look no further than The Lofty Leisurer, she's undeniably lovely! She's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hidden treasures and exotic locales - amongst her peers she's the considered the highest of the high well-traveled gals. She can leisure like you never thought possible - and her packing secret?? Everything is washable!! (jaw drop!)

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