Little mister Summer


Following up yesterday's uber fab Little Miss Summer gear...stands a more masculine wardrobe array for the very best season of the year! I scavenged high + low for the best of the best, and you bet your bottom dollar my little "big" man will be put to the Summer closet test! Just follow my lead - sit him on down and have him clear out all the closeted items he could totally do without. This makes the process all the more simple, perhaps make it a game - clear + wit-ful.  

You can thank me later.



Full 'Fit: Surfer Tee / Towelling Shorts / Polarized Sunnies / Sandals

Tees + Trunks: Tank Tee / Collared Tee / Camo Short / Terry Short / Socks / Glow-in-the-Dark Vans

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