Ultimate Home Pamper


Let's be real here, not every week is a smooth ride - sometimes the best of us are faced with a major downside. I truly believe to every low there is a high & self-pampering is one method I will never deny. In those few minutes, maybe hours, I'm home (hubby + kid-free) - I take a little time to establish an oasis of ME!

A tri-ingredient masque thrown together at home (no problem!!) to occupy my face as I rid my bod of all negative toxins! I'm all kinds of excited about The Bathory and it's self-constructed tub soaks. You mean THEY'LL mix + ship my choice of any salt AND 3 oils? Is this a joke?! To follow a long, hot personalized soak comes the final step + it's the most important of all, so listen up folks! A lavender eye mask is worth a little splurge - it wraps up your home-treatment with relaxation and avoids any sporadic urge! 

Wrap up your hectic week with a little home pamperin' - DO IT, I dare you!!! It'll be ever-enchanting!



DIY Mud Masques / Personalized Tub Soaks / Lavender Eye Masks

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