House Guesting


House guesting is something I take quite seriously, all the preparatory hours the host/ess puts in doesn't come as a mystery. The apps warm and ready, the drinks perfectly stirred - how else do you think party-perfection occurs?! If the idea of house guesting is new to you, join in the fun and do it too! Of course the gifting depends on the person at hand,but I hand-picked some goods that put to shame the bland. Bright and punchy JA beach towels are pretty freaking rad, alongside a swan pool floatie (if there's a pool at the pad). A deliciously scented candle can really make a gals day - to get all the end-of-the-party stink away. My most enjoyed pair is the cocktail shaker con vintahj linen napkins, a duo that'll really show the hostess what's happenin'.


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