Fabulous Flank Steak


Vegetarians, close your eyes! For this is one meaty treat that just may bring you to your demise! Whether it's an ordinary Tuesday evening with the neighbors or I'm hosting a HIGH gaggle of players - this Fabulous Flank Steak always delivers delirious commentators! I must say, I've really taken the time to perfect this over the years - and I also must say it garners + deserves raucous cheers! I'm endlessly hounded for this recipe every time I sever it - so I'm sharing it with the world because you know what, y'all deserve it!



I'm a die hard charcoal girl, I always will be - everything else is just sub par and, well, silly! Once your coals are piping hot and turning white - slap this baby down and watch it sizzle + ignite. Close the lid and walk away -flip it over (ONLY ONCE) 5-7minutes later, don't delay! Once this magnificent morsel is done, be sure to let her rest - giving her 10 minutes of 'me time' before slicing is really best.

I do hope you give this a whirl I promise you'll never be the same - serve this to your guests + brag about how you stepped up your grilling game!

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