Backyarding Essentials



When it comes to backyarding, there are a slew of essentials - ones that'll have you on your knees bowing to your sacred outdoor temple. There's truly nothing more satisfying at the end of a long day than taking a jaunt to the patio, where friends + cocktails await. I must remind you to take a close gander at some of the items I have recently gathered for they are strategically + brilliantly scattered. From vintage dishware to modern torches to a fine pair of "I spy-ers" - the items you ought to really look out for are the ultimate outdoor beautifiers! The floor pillows, I speak of, had me at first glance. I mean, you don't just come across something like this by CHANCE!

So I worked a little magic and got you all a special code - it runs til the end of June and will have your heart ready to EXPLODE! Here's the deal: 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING in the Gallant + Jones Store. What are you waiting for?! Go on + get shopping you fabulous little patio wh*res!

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Vintage Lemon Plates / BinocularsFloor Pillows

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