Bikini Ready - GIVEAWAY


For us ladies, the weeks leading to Summer are all about priming + peaking, anything it takes to get the best toning and tweaking. And although all is usually well by that first week of June, it's mid to end of July when we begin to get a tad out of tune. That said, for those of us with a handful of beach days left in our basket, we've gotta get ourselves on track and avoid becoming one big buns + burger magnet.

All jokes aside, this cleanse is one heck of a course - it'll have you waving a grand ole goodbye to all that mid-summer remorse. Unlike most cleanses you're allowed TWO meals per day - the third is replaced by a smoothie full of whey! The smoothies are delicious, the bikini sticks are a hit - there's even a bikini passport that is full of all kinds of fit-wit.

For 15% off your BikiniCleanse box use code BCXMRS15  here!

For a chance to WIN a complimentary bikini cleanse: 1. comment below with which swimmy you'd rock once you cleansed away (perhaps add in a little rhyme for shits + gigs) 2. leave your email address, twitter or instagram handle so we can contact you and 3. go support the BikiniCleanse crew by liking their fabby Facebook page here

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