Another prezzy for my peeps, the second of the week - this time, a double-product giveaway that'll totally make you freak! Here's the deal: you get an outfit just like the one i'm donning (minus my MRS scarf + bibbly-baubles, those and the heels are the items I won't be spawning). Now let me tell you, Lyssé doesn't kid around...the comfort of their clothes leaves me panting + on the ground. They keep everything held together, all tight + snug, without making you feel like your one big chubby mother slug.

Alongside the outfit, you'll receive my NEW book - all signed by yours truly + off to the prettiest shelf alongside your very best cookbook! So don't waste any time, take a looksie at what Lyssé New Arrivals you're craving, follow these rules to enter + your on the winning trail a 'blazing! 

Best of luck! Xxx


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