Million Dollar Cobbler



Pie Lovers, beware! Dabble with my Million Dollar Cobbler only if you dare! This sweet summertime staple always wiggles it's way onto my menu - I've made it for parties, picnics, potlucks + served it at fancy venues. No matter the crowd, this cobbler is always met with wild applause - and inevitably leaves people licking it off their lips, fingers, face and schnoz! I know this recipe by heart and can whip it up with my eyes closed - I've made it with every make and model of stone fruit + berry combo to which I'm not opposed. It's a foolproof home run - and a summery sweet that's loved by everyone. I'm endlessly hounded for this recipe every time I sever it - so I'm sharing it with the world because you know what, y'all deserve it!



Million Dollar Cobbler:

  1. For the filling: Mix the cut up stone fruit, berries, lemon zest + juice, flour, sugar + melted butter a medium baking dish.

  2. For the Crumble: In a separate bowl add the brown sugar, white sugar, flour, salt, rolled oats stick of room temperature butter + cinnamon. Knead this with your hands until all ingredients are incorporated + crumbly. Sprinkle the crumble over the filling + bake in a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Filling should be molten + bubbly, the crumble golden brown + lightly crispy.

  3. For added flair, serve warm with a scoop of really good vanilla bean ice cream.

I hope you give this the old college try - once you do, you'll be so delighted you'll probably cry!

Your welcome!



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