All hail my fellow glampers - the gals who bring glam to the campsite to avoid all the typical dampers. I mean something's gotta give because chillin with the bugs all day just isn't happenin' - so I say FIRST bring on the good stuff THEN let's go camping!

A detailed checklist for your convenience:

1. The Glamper - aka the NEW airstream bambi

2. The Guard-Bird - large, plush flamingo to guard the door from danger

3. Bonfire Log - for late night warmth, smores + storytelling

4. Rad Rug - to roll out in or outside the glamper

5. B-fly Chair - an uber chic butterfly chair for loungey-like circumstances

6. Clam Shell Pool - a plastic sand pit that doubles as a fabby, portable pool in the summer heat

7. My Book - for some guidance on how to booze + shmooze once the sun sets



©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013