Birthday Swan



Wait, I didn't think it was even possible to turn 35!! But, come this Sunday it's happening, pending I survive! To be honest I don't feel like an old hag - but I have no doubt the younger sect may think "what an old bag!" What ever the case, one thing remains - my one and only birthday wish is the same. If you've been a long time reader, then you're familiar with my deepest obsession - this SWAN PEDAL BOAT looms large as my most aspired affection. Nary a year has passed that I haven't prayed hard to the Birthday Fairy - but alas she never delivered... I'm assuming the reason being unfavorable + budgetary. Nonetheless this year is no different - I'll be asking for the Swan Boat (again!!) in hopes of feeling euphoric bewilderment. If you have a chat with the Birthday Fairy DO put in a good word for me - I've been a really good MRS all year, I guarantee! 




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