2014 Fall Workout Attire


There are but few things in this world that can send my mood to unreachable peaks, and among them: a good-ole butt kicking. I speak the truth, it can really fix your sh*t + get you up and out of the deepest and darkest of pits. But before you get all eager on me and run away from the screen, let me reveal the most important of things. The attire, the gear (call it what you may) but whatever you call it, it must never be "okay". It must shine and sparkle and gleam, it absolutely positively must have you bursting at the seam! Remember what mama always said..."you're 10x more fabulous when you feel good about your threads." So go on + get yourself some fabby fall gear - and thank me after being crowned the hottest gym-rat of the year!!!


Running Vest / Long Sleeve or this 40% off running zip-up / Swell Water Bottle / Nike Leggings (Legend 2.0) / Trina Turk Sports Bra: Green + Black / Nike Trainers

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