All is Fair in Love & Wardrobe: Review


Books come in all shapes, sizes and forms - and in the luckiest of cases, my interest will be caught and from there on, steadily yearn. In this particular scenario it did just that...I found myself smiling and laughing at all the reminiscent chittery-chat. So it's mostly about the single life and i've been married 8 years - but who gives a rip when it can send you into hysterical fits of tears! The kind that have you thinking back to the days that are now long gone and watching your young self take the world by storm!

Not only do the rules, the lists + the notes have me giggling to no end but the handfuls of visuals is what I truly commend! Creatives like myself have a hard time with words - too much of them can potentially forge my world into spiteful alphabetical herds.

So here's to all you ladies, both married + single - take a looksie at a book that bears no dullness or boredom (not even a mere wrinkle!!!)


The Book / The Author 

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