Fall Attachés + Aromas



Behold! A bevy of bags + scents that capture the essence of NOW - each one different, ladylike and oozing with kaPOW! Nothing screams FALL quite like a brand new bag - and not for nothin' but a new perfume to boot aint bad. These two categories are like carrots + peas - and this fall you'll be needing a new one of EACH! We took to the counters and scoured the shelves - we narrowed it down, and picked up a few newbies ourselves! What ever your persuasion - I'm certain you could find just about anything to better your situation!

Great! So it's settled, we're ALL going to get a new fall perfume and handbag - and we'll tee off this season with something that's worth a brag! 

PRIM + PROPER > Sophie Hulme Mini Tote / Roses De Chloé

BADASS BABE >  Saint Laurent Monogramme quilted leather shoulder bag / Elizabeth + James Nirvana Black

WILD CARD > Céline Luggage Bag in Orchid / TokyoMilk Dark Tainted Love

SLEEK + MISTIQUE > Balenciaga Dix Backpack / Stella McCartney STELLA

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