Totally BAT-tastic!



Every year around this time, I literally start to go BATTY - all things Halloween-centric make me infinitely happy! I've already decked the MRS manse with spooky adornments galore - my dining room has been transformed into a bat cave thanks to the above decor. I live to amuse my kids with my cooky pursuits - their ensuing delight is enough to send me into frenzied and inspired cahoots. I've become utterly captivated by our ceiling fan - It's paved paths to my holiday decor genius in a way that nothing else can. With stars in my eyes + foam in my mouth - I thus created a gaggle of swirling bats worthy of a theatrical bow. I stumbled across these hanging bats, and nearly wet my drawers - the end result is simply batty, and something that everyone here adores! The moral of the story is to look for inspiration everywhere - with a little tape + spirited fun, you can make just about anything delightfully debonaire!

Meri Meri Wicked Hanging Bats

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