Mrs. Robinson



Here's to Mrs. Robinson, you know that scandalous old salt?! She must adhere to an abysmal beauty regime, and to a fault! She's got some miles on her, there's no doubt about it - and with her youth hanging in the balance, she'd fall victim to a hoary state without it! Whilst she staunchly "washes that gray right outta her hair" - she works double time to keep a varicose vein situation from spoiling a good affair. As necessary as a habitual nightly ciggie - a daily dose of revitalizing Vim & Vigor, let's face it, in't no biggie! 

What's that you say Mrs. Robinson? Yes!! You must enshrine your dwindling collagen. Sometimes the reflection in the mirror isn't what she wants to see - but, at the end of the day this smitten alley kitten really is a bonafide retiree!


©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013