The Fall Sweats



Boy, talk about procrastination! I'll find any reason to avoid working out, complete with detailed reasoning and supporting explanation. It's been YEARS now, and that's scary to admit, but it's TRUE. I have no doubt my lack of movement has most definitely contributed to my relentless state of feeling blue. Despite certain instagram pictures that show me looking rather svelte - my insides are a mess and my poor body in need of repair + help! All the inquiries about what fitness routine I practice, at the time made me giggle - "Oh boy, if they only knew" I thought, their brains would FIZZLE! My fitness + diet plan you wonder? Crippling stress + anxiety, pure + simple. Gosh how I'd love to feel empowered, strong and nimble! I'd love to get to the top of a stair case and not have to catch my breath. I'd love to have boundless energy, muscle tone, and endurance powered sweat. I'm GONNA start this week, and I hope I don't end up eating my words. Life is to short and precious, and stress is for the BIRDS! 


If you have any helpful tricks or tactics that keep you on track, I'm open to anything... and really want to avoid a heart attack!

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