The Art of Being CHARMING



Photography by Annie Groves

Well, wouldn’t you know it just when you thought you were up-to-date on all things #MRSApproved… in swings none other than Mrs. Witherspoon!! The arbiter of all things proper + charm-laden, has launched a new lifestyle brand, impeccably named: Draper James. Upon discovery and ensuing awe and obsession, I took it upon myself to follow her lead and host  a timely CHARM lesson! With an on-pointe matching ensemble and coordinating stationery paired with powder blue pencils - I poured myself a tall sweet (boozy) tea and took to my backyard with said utensils. I sat upon my most favorite chaise, and positioned it under the native Hawaiian canopy’s shade. My goal? To not only exude HIGH charm, but to extend it by putting pencil to paper. In a befitting southern way in which James would to Draper. In order to make it a smashing success, I dug deep and channeled my suthun’ drawl. This turned my assaultingly fast speak into a slow, saunterly crawl. Once in character, the southern charm oozed from my every pore. I utilized every last minute of the special power as if it were running out the door! I continued on with my drawl, post shoot and through to the very next day. I felt, sweet, dainty, and ladylike but in a hissy MRS way! It was a FINE feeling that I reveled in for as long as it would exist. Call me bat-xxxx-crazy, but CHARM, I've found, can be channeled. Thus when fully accessed it leaves you and everyone else around you, awe struck and dazzled! On that note, I offer up a HIGH cheers in the making of Draper James, and for allowing us all to partake in a slice of southern charm and all that it contains!

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