A 'Thankful For' Speech Cheat Sheet



It happens eeeeeeeeevery year without fail - the annual Thanksgiving 'Thankful For' speeches that become competitive and filled with uncomfortable detail. It usually kicks off with the chipper trophy hostess - her delivery, clearly rehearsed, ends when she proudly announces she made 2 dinners, one for the table and another for the homeless. The speeches continue in a colorful fashion - ranging from emotionally charged to a booze-induced song and dance to the national anthem. There's everything from bold-faced lies to pure self-shaming - long, agonizing rants and someone dropping to a knee + engaging. It usually takes an hour to get it wrapped up. By then the food is cold and you're drinking from the bottle because you accidentally shattered your crystal cup.

So I've gone ahead + put together this handy little CHEAT SHEET. A fill in the bubble prompter that'll keep it REAL, but also short and sweet! Let it be your contribution to the Thanksgiving table - a little game that will bring cheer and delight, and an insurance plan that'll save everyone from looking unstable! 

It's a win win situation! A must have for your upcoming Thanksgiving celebration!

Print them off and provide mini pencils, you'll be the hit of the day, you savvy little devil!

Click HERE to print them out

I know.

You're welcome.



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