MRS Spirit Cleanser



I KNOW I'm not the only one that has to enforce the occasional adult "time-out". There inevitably comes a time when the clouds cover our light, and all there's to do is kick, scream + shout. I personally know the forbidding path to the dark side by heart. Thus out of darkness I've found alternative ways with which to cleanse, heal + recharge. Once you've been initiated into the hard core gang of gloom + despair for the zillionth time - you'll look to the stars, the moon, the air to cleanse your mind, heart, and head of the suffocating grime. You'll trade your pinky, to regain your light that shines sublime. 

It's best to incorporate a daily practice of personal YOU time to maintain your happy shine. A 15-minute morning meditation, a sacred (to you) clearing of the mind. Set up a mini shrine, equipped with healing crystals, white sage, a sacred plant, a spirit animal, meditation pillow, worry beads, and cleansing elixirs. I'm a HUGE fan of Sakara's Night Water, and of course intoxicating liquors. (remember this instagram picture way back when?) What ever you fancy, there's no wrong or right. This is all about exorcizing those demons with all your might. Breathe, meditate, pause + clear with the highest of intention. You'll be shocked at how simple it is to go from darkness, to the happy dimension. Check in with your spiritual advisor, shaman, therapist, trusted clairvoyant, high priestess... or whomever on a regular basis. Keeping at least one person on your team will help maintain your spirit cleansing cadence.

I'm an early riser + I so look forward to sneaking off to my mini meditation alter amidst the morning dusk. I perch upon my meditation pillow flanked by protective tiki gods, healing crystals + burning sage all in the pursuit of turning darkness into dust. Starting my day off with an ode to ME, clearing my head, with intention, and positivity has been the greatest f*cking gift. And, immediately I feel the most profound shift, one I wouldn't change not even for a hot minute! Try it out, and tell me what works for you. I love learning from others and exchanging wisdom. Anything for the betterment of self, anything for personal revivalism! 

Huzzah to the helpers, the healers and the light seekers! We're survivors, warriors of wisdom, and ambitious healers. We're awesome, a breed that kicks ass - and after all, not that common. 

I hope that if you're found yourself STUCK, this shakes you and ignites your divine inspiration. If anything, do yourself a favor and bestow yourself the honor of self-liberation. 

A respectful bow...



Sahara Night Water / Worry Beads / Tara Healing Incense / Meditation Pillow / Half Moon Planter

White Quartz Crystal / Camel Incense Holder / White Sage Smudge Stick

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