Problems + Solutions for the Festive Season



Stinks are a funny topic, but they become significantly funnier during the holidays. Probably because we’ve all been there and can all relate. Stinks don’t make you a bad person, we’re human and well stinks are just a part of life. Embracing them for all that they are is the way to go about them right! With the loooong roadies to grandmothers house you go, to welcoming hoards of people into your festive home that you hardly know. The common denominator is the stink. Let’s face it, it’s a part of life’s beauty… don’t you think?! Like prepubescent teens, they’re eye-widening and awkward. The good news, at least for the stink, is that it can be doctored! Febreze has concocted some pretty awesome ways to banish those unsavory lingering #12stinks odors. They’ve got a solution for every occasion, from those long musty car trips to those mysterious wafting floaters. I consider them the experts in stink elimination, as they truly have a product for every sticky situation. They've crafted a magnificently witty video that's definitely worth a gander - Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison of course pull it off in perfect comedic manor!

All stinking aside, there are of course other ways in which scenting the atmosphere can really up the merriment. For instance, each year I proudly erect my vintage 6’ silver tinsel tree (which rotates no less) that’s filled with sentiment. While it’s a Lilien family holiday tradition, it unfortunately lacks that iconic pine tree scented distinction. The fix?! Well, I spray her up with the Jolly Pine and it’s an instant fix! I get the best of both worlds with my Jolly Pine scented kooky faux Christmas tree - and that my friends, makes one very satisfied MRS me!

What ever the case, it would behoove you to have a little Febreze at the ready. For when the holiday festivities commence, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation gone (un)smelly! 


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