When February makes her sumptuous introduction, on comes a paralyzing flood of heartwarming, lip-locking + serious seduction. But lets save the risqué + racy for a post only matüre eyes can see for today is all about the light-hearted, vivacious + bubbly! 

As always, we must send our Little Miss(es) off in the morning oozing with festive cheer to ensure they come back with an ear-to-ear smile as our forever-souvenir. Shield her from the morning breeze with a grandeur HEART-scarf then douse her in a locket necklace + tell her she's your superstar! Don't let her forget to slip on her love-loafers as she makes her way out the door + toss her those heart sunnies that she absolutely adores!

Next is YOU - the Mama, Miss or Mrs. + it's time to assort an ensemble that is rightfully ambitious. Start with a pocketed, striped tee that alludes ever-so-slightly paired with a pair of black jeans embellished + fitted quite tightly. Finish it off with hearts on your hooves + slap on the pale pink polish like you never thought you would!



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