Mrs. Genius



Oh the panic, the disbelief, moreover the horror - when you spy those pricey boots slumped in your closet's corner!! Gasping you run to their rescue, trying to prop them back up to no avail. You find yourself distraught, thinking you're an epic fail! I've been there before, it's a frightful feeling indeed - a true boot panic, one that runs deep. Out of sheer panic and frenzy - I mustered a solution that teams with excellency! I grabbed a magazine from atop my bedside table - I rolled it up, placed it within the boot shaft... and BY GOLLY, it was stable!! I sighed a huge breath of relief - what a quick fix, boy was I pleased! 

I'm not a DIY-er, nor a Mrs. Fix-it - such a genius invention, I would have never otherwise predicted! I wanted to pass it along, for what ever it's worth - should you have boots that you'd like to preserve!


While I ride high on my Mrs. Genius horse - I'm going to share something that'll leave you on all fours! I wince at the moment, recounting it sends shivers down my spine - the sink swallowed my wedding bauble, I nearly flatlined! Instinctively I through a towel over the drain, to circumvent further damage - I had not a choice but to except the bauble saving challenge. Think! Think! Think! Think! How was I going to fish my beloved from the depths of the sink?!?! As my worry and fret thickened, I found myself desperate and sickened. I tore off to the kitchen in search of something quick - upon entering, my eyes immediately landed on a long shish kabob stick! I'd need something sticky on the end in order to grab my ring - while I scoured about for bubblegum, I spotted an even better thing! Mighty Magnets, and a drop of krazy glue - would thus become my MIRACLE STICK, an apparatus of infinite value! I CAREFULLY constructed this simple wonder-wand - let is dry to ensure it's infallible bond. Off to the bathroom I went, flash light and miracle stick in hand - like freaking magic, within seconds I fished out my treasured band! 

Squealing with delight, crisis averted - my most GENIUS moment was therein determined!!

If anything I hope my 2 moments of fear that resulted in wild success - bring you aid in your own moments of distress.

Your Welcome!


©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013