Mrs. Charm School



There's a moment for all of us at some point in life - when we must sharpen our game and become more refined. For some, it's simply ingrained in their DNA - for others such practices seem daunting and faraway. Either way the path to obtaining unconditional ladylikeness is well paved. It does however require more than saying "please" and "thank you", chewing with your mouth closed, and showing up...bathed. Properness, politeness, poise and presicion - beseech commitment, covenance and consideration. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was the formal fem - but once accomplished both entities glisten like a rare gem. Our modern mayhem has sadly done away with such finishing tutelage - and thus exercising etiquette of any kind is no longer the average. A travesty indeed - the female set will soon resemble a flock of sheep! A thriving woman requires more than painted nails and common sensed politeness. She cuts a polished silhouette, she's admiral in her pursuits, proficiently polite and foaming over with enlightened ladylikeness. 

GET ON THE TRAIN, ELAIN!! Let's all make an effort to up our etiquette game!


©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013