Mrs. March Reading List



Lately, I've been devouring the kind of books that truly feed my soul. The books that through imagery + whit foster life wisdom as their goal. I've never had the patience, nor attention span to tear through a novel - and usually when forced to, I become quite hostile. My books are the ones that sit on the low standing shelves - the ones that are brightly colored, and have more images than anything else. I've found that that's just the way I learn best - Through simplistic, artistic, and significant text. Alongside captivating images... I mean, who needs the rest?!

One of my greatest heros of all time, Theodore Seuss Geisel - more often referred to as Dr. Seuss, has been vital to my survival! His Biography (more text heavy than I'd like) - is fascinating beyond repair, by golly the man lived quite a life! Learning about him has had me appreciating his work in such a different way - the wisdom, the illustrations, and his words how they RHYMED in such a way! I find myself reading and re-reading at least one or two a day!

It was through TSG's biography that I learned about The Goops - a frightfully old 'Mannual of Manners for Polite Infants' had me hoots! Oh how things have changed, it's fascinating to look back - I'm charmed by the rituals + ceremonies, but pretty certain MY brood wouldn't be up to the task!

Finally, a most covetous tome - M. Sasek's This Is The World is so fabulous it cuts to the bone! A gift from a dear friend, intended for my "baby-child" - has me transfixed on traveling and running wild! Once you crack the cover of this book - you'll never come back, but you'll never regret your curious first look!

So there you have it, there's nothing else to say - I'm off to go delight my eyes, and most likely re-read one today!




1. Theodore Seuss Geisel 2. Seuss-isms, A Guide To Life... 3. The Goops, And How Not To Be Them 4. This Is The World : A Global Treasury

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