Let's Talk Tourmaline



It is with fanataz-magical delight that I expose the Jah of Tourmaline! A gem-tastic species that can be found in colors you wouldn't believe! When cut and polished, a Tourmaline gem is both dazzling and hypnotic. No matter the setting, a top notch tourmaline is undeniably eye-catching and exotic. Beauty and marvel aside, this stone is attributed a gaggle of metaphysical properties. Prominently recognized as a very strong protector - it also possesses an incredible ability to detoxify it's possessor. If that's not enough, tourmaline is also known to relieve stress, anxiety  and stabilize mood.... DUDE! I don't know about you, but I'm officially trolling the tourmaline marketplace - and once I find my magnificent, celestial, protecting, detoxifying Tourmaline stone, I'll wear it with pride and grace!


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