A Bright Summer



I'm dreaming of a BRIGHT SUMMER just like the ones I used to know. Where my sunglass vision sees nothing but rainbow prisms, and palms swaying to and fro. I'm dreaming of a TROPICAL SUMMER where my days are filled with frolicking & delight, and I'm drenched in punchy resort wear that's sensationally dynamite! With my days spent lounging, supplied with frosty brews I'll be downing, and my skin slightly browning. I'm pretty certain my dream will come true, and when it does I'll most def be sharing it all with you!!




Pagoda Umbrella / Cutler + Gross Sunglasses / Lilly for Target Nosey Posey Dress / Yetti Ice Box / Saint Archer Mosaic IPA / Swim Cap / Lilly for Target Boom Boom Bandeau Suit / Lilly for Target Pineapple Punch Kimono FYI, Lilly for Target launches April 19th! EEEK!

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