With my move to the tropics nearly spitting distance away - I've been hard charging ludicrous loads of laundry every single day. From slipcovers, bed linens, rugs and curtains - to blankets, summer clothes and basically anything with a washable surface. I've put my machines to the ultimate test - and of course infused each load with the smartest detergent yet! As a laundress of the highest stature - I can say with certainty that Tide HE Turbo Clean preforms with swagger! Who knew there was such a thing as 'quick-collapsing Smart Suds technology'? - Well, all hail it! I bow to its anti-over-sudsing and anti-additional rinse cycle quality! A deterg-y couldn't be more spot on - while the uncompromising level of cleaning power is nothing short of a phenomenon! 

Thanks be to those Smart Suds, I now get to delight in the bestowal of a cool $500 worth of Target dollars - so that a few lucky readers can TIDE up their washers! My speedy deep clean-y laundry extravaganza - can now become your own Tide Turbo Clean bonanza! 


Follow my instagram account and you're halfway in the running - the rest is quite easy, quite appealing, quite trusting. All you must do is wait for the post to go live [the afternoon of 04/27], tag a slew of friends...now your making some serious progression! $500 Target dollars will be distributed amongst a crew - a random select - it could TOTALLY be YOU!!!


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