Mrs. Snooze-Town



Lately my trips to snooze town haven't been that Fabby - amidst this enormous move, I've been sleepless and all sorts of distract-y! Each early morning when I rise - at first glance I'm shocked + surprised - that I look and feel like I'm 85! So whilst I continue on this transition - I've taken the time to map out my the ingredients of my ultimate dream worthy vision. From the sweetest, ladylike pajammies, to what I hear is the greatest thing since full time nannies... The Casper mattress! It's received rave reviews - priced fairly, shipped free (only in the contiguous US)... it's kinda too hard to refuse! Best  part is... it comes in a BOX - once removed it unfurls into a mattress that's said to be TOP NOTCH!  Now, let me close my eyes, rub on some Monk Oil, turn off the alarm and get to sleep - with a set up like this, I can't imagine getting past counting the 5th sheep!

Now... I just need to find a way to get one of these Caspers over to Hawaii!!!




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