New Home New Hair



New beginnings + fresh starts give way to many things - embracing the unknown and delighting in all that it brings. Funny how you can shed everything you knew, take a leap of faith - close your eyes, hold your breath, become the face of brave - upon safely landing you come to realize you've found your happy place. There's been a whole lot of that going on lately in my MRS universe - I haven't known this level of peace and freedom in ages which is a gift we ALL deserve! Upon landing on my Island of happy, I felt the biggest urge to shed the dread along with the stress induced GRAY upon my head! Sure I cover it creatively, but truth be told, one can't truly embrace - tropical island goddess status, with a head full of grays! So instead of asking around and yelping for a new stylist - I took matters into my own hands, got me some Vidal Sassoon Salonist in Dark Neutral Blond (7/0) and set forth on my assignment.

The directions were simple and easy enough for this novice DIY-er to follow - plus, the gloves, bowl and brush made me feel like a hair coloring aficionado! I sectioned, and brushed on as directed - contorting my self in ways I've never attempted. I saturated my roots with color cream from front to back and all around - making certain each bit of gray was saturated with the full amount. Thanks to the brush I was able to be perfectly precise - when covering one's own grays it's imperative to use such a device. 

With the clock ticking I forged right with confidence + MRS strength - I incorporated the serum and the pulled the color through the rest of my lengths. I chose to keep my ends a tad lighter - so to keep some dimension to my existing highlighted hair fibers. After just a few minutes I hit the shower - I rinsed, washed, conditioned, and upon first glance I couldn't have been prouder! VS Salonist is a real game-changer - I was able to create the look I wanted while eliminated the gray-haired danger. I felt as though the salon came to me - and the end result was was fab as you can plainly see! conquered my grey, evened out my tone - I kept that dimension, and did it all on my own! Alright, I'll admit... it's a nail biting process - but sometimes you just have to confidently soldier on to reach the highest of hair conquests! 


Thank you Vidal Sassoon for the fabulous opportunity - it's made my long awaited journey even better and ripe with fortuity.

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013