For a SWANGIN' Good Time



Whether your an innie or an outtie, there's a swing that's perfect for you! Be it on the porch, hung from a tree, or suspended in quiet corner with a view. Not only does a swing add a touch of whimsy to the art of sitting - it also caters to a loftier level of leisuring that I find fabulously befitting. I myself purchased the Serena + Lily rattan swing (6) and use it as my office chair - The hanging aspect has done wonders on my lower back AND twirling about at my desk is such delightful affair. That being said, I want swings hung all over my house - inside, outside, at the head of the dining table and descending from tree bows. I'm pretty sure it'll be my decor obsession - after all swinging seats are pretty much Hawaii perfection. Get inspired, do something different - hang one at the head of your dining table, and make it known the choice was deliberate! 

1 Peg + Awl Tire Swing / 2 Paola Lenti Swing /3 Paola Lenti Adagio swing / 4 Dot + Bo In Full Swing / 5 Dot + Bo Picture Perfect Chair Swing / 6 Serena + Lily Hanging Rattan Chair / 7 Tree Swing  / 8 Serena + Lily Circular Hanging Rattan Chair

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