Sure I'd love to blame my newly acquired BAMBOOZLE fever - on a typical sunshine induced seizure. But, fact of the matter - I'm transfixed by the stately stature. Island life gives way to eternal summer - therefore thy surroundings ought to celebrate island color and all it's wonder. The idea of cascading amidst a backdrop of bamboo - makes me want to throw open my closet and don my HIGHEST mu'u mu'u! I'd be a bold faced liar if I were to say I wasn't on the endless wicker-cane-bamboo-rattan furnishing hunt! Obviously I've been doing my homework, and needless to say I've corralled an impressive bunch. I've provided the links below, but let it be known, I call first dibs on the Peacock throne!!

Mucho Aloha,



1 Love Chair in Mustard / 2A Caribbean Dinning Chair in Lime / 2B Caribbean Dinning Chair in Tangerine / 3 Amsterdam Rattan Bucket Chairs in Sea Glass / 4 Vintage Arthur Elrod Lounge Chairs / 5 Coral Spun Fiberglass Chaise Lounge / 6 Vintage Rattan Barstool 7 Lacquer Fanback Chairs / 8 Vintage Rattan Flower Chair / 9 Rattan Lady Peacock Chair in Green

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