Still Poppin'



I'm officially a little over a month since my first time using Salonist hair color + HI island living - and I have to say it's been amazing, somewhat challenging but totally thrilling! In such a short time I feel as though so much has happened - yet in some ways little has changed, if you can imagine. With a new beginning right before me and ready for the seizing - I've found myself reticent and curious as I navigate the newness and digest it's deeper meaning. Sometimes making time to quiet your mind awakens clarity, as with bestowing sight to the blind. One doesn't find their way to paradise without a little help from the sublime. This I'm coming to see and acknowledge for the very first time! Now, speaking of time, yes sweet, precious time - let's revisit the topic of this recently colored hair of mine! Fast forward 4 weeks later - hair looking fab, if not… a tad bit greater! The Hawaiian sun has graciously kissed my locks - leaving me with further dimension that totally rocks! Perhaps you find yourself wondering where this all comes together - I'll share my wisdom to which I'm certain will resonate with you all beyond measure.


Life is short and TIME is fleeting - yet we allow ourselves to go back over and over for the very same beating. It's easy to adhere to the daily grind if it's not broke...but in doing so our routines become laws and thoughts of change go up in smoke. I used to spend hours in the salon at least once a month - what little free time I had was whale inhaled as if it were chum. On top of it all, salon visits certainly aren't cheap - my hair bill alone was astounding, yet I diligently paid it every 4 weeks.


With the DIY hair color horror a thing of the past - I now know that the Vidal Sassoon Salonist has my back! Easy to use and with fabulous results - I wonder when I’ll ever go back to the salon chair for a hair consult. An on-the-go gal or a stay-at-home mama (or in my case, both) it'll save you tons of time, money + drama. No more dollar wincing nightmares or "is it going to turn out?" - just a box of Vidal Sassoon and colored locks of confidence, no doubt! Be it blonde, brunette or fiery red I urge you to join the team + avoid the drama we all so dread. A visit to Walmart or is all it really takes to be your very own expert - go on, throw out the stakes! 


Anyone wanna join me for a do-it-at-home hair that'll set you FREEEE?! Perhaps I can set you up with a special "newbie" salonist fee! 

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013