Poke Doke / an Authentic Hawaiian Recipe



If you've ever paid a visit to the Hawaiian Islands, then you're no doubt familiar with this local raw nosh that's saturated in savory, salty spices. often times it's mispronounced as "PO-key", so rid you of that blunder it's pronounced "PO-kay"... okie-dokie?? Moving on... this succulent treat is often served amidst the appetizing hour. In my opinion, it pairs perfectly with a fresh margarita, extra sour. My last and final POKE quip is that it MUST be partaken with a set of chopsticks! Forking or spooning of any kind is considered gauche and of poor mind. Okay, enough, I'll stop being snooty - I blame my occasional present inner-foodie.

This appetizer is finding it's way to many a mainland menus - with various versions (yes, even veggie varieties are appearing in your typical eating venues). I've laid out the classic Hawaiian recipe - which I stand behind as true food ecstasy! It's very simple to make, however the ingredients must NOT be fake! I highly recommend starting with sushi grade ahi steak. All it requires are the the above components - then some time to marinate. All you must do is gently mix everything together, cover + patiently wait. The poke needs anywhere from 2-4 hours to refrigerate. 

This isn't the most affordable bite to serve, therefore I'd leave it for special occasions and on reserve. Not to boast, but it wouldn't be very MRS of me otherwise; our local grocery stores dedicate cold cases filled with piles of prepared poke surprise!  

What ever the case or availability, I urge you to take the poke plunge - just think how fantastic it'd be to serve this at your next hosted brunch!!



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