As many of you may know via social chit-chatter...I've officially launched my MRS bum into the world of YouTube, an exciting + new endeavor! It actually works quite well, with my remote existence and all, to keep each and every one of you looped in on what's been going on behind my island wall! 

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Q+A #1 Moving to Hawaii   /    Mrs. Lilien Life Elixir How-To    /    Q+A #2 Moving to Hawaii

Video content: What happened to Australia? Do I rent or do I own? What happened to Howard? What is my favorite thing about the Islands? How did my kids adjust? Etc. Etc. Etc.

As my 'long-time' followers know, I'm not big on delving into personal happenings. However, as briefly noted here + there, I'm beginning to realize it may not be as awful as I (for so long) have been imagining. So here's the start to it all: a Q&A mini-series! Based on my move to Hawaii and a quick + fun response to all YOUR wonderful queries. 

Drop a note + let me know what you think - shall I continue? Or should I let the ship sink???


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