HELLO August.



Well, hello again August... seems we meet again - you've become a thing that I both welcome yet incessantly condemn. My inner Leo coaxes you with indulgent, buttery glee. Yet my inner maniacal me would rather set you asail into the swallowing sea. Over the years as I've matured into my nearly 36 year old (GASP!) vessel - I've come to align the celebration of my birth with feelings of euphoria to those that are now slightly disdainful. 

I've done away with any and all expectation - a life lesson I learned early and one that has saved me from many a devastation. And, the longer I exist I've noticed myself leaning heavier upon the self-effacing spectrum. Thus I'd rather abscond from my any self-celebrational fuss or circumstance. In fact, such hoopla tends to launch me into a stress-laden trance.

Sure it's fun to think about the extravagance + the personal pomp - however, in my 3.5+ decades experience, said indulging + praise is really behooved by those whom feast on applause. Perhaps the older I get, the saltier I've become. Now... before I go and spoil birthdays far + wide, I best hold my tongue. 

Thank you for listening, and I apologize if I've come across stooge-y. To those who can relate, or share my same feelings acutely: perhaps I've lifted our misunderstood veil in hopes we're viewed slightly LESS screwy! 



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