Fabulous Fans



Let's face it, who the heck are we kidding?? "Fall" may be approaching, but this summer heat is utterly forbidding! We aren't through with the sweltering sweats + humidity. Our senses are still being tested whilst we dream of frigidity. Now is when we turn to our own devices. We get smart, we get FANS + we end our personal heat crisis! What ever way you whirl, there's probably a fan for that. That Flamingo fan above changed my entire life, and she looks marvelous amidst my habitat! Stop the miserable sweats, get yourself a FAN you shan't have any regrets.

1. Big Ass Fan, Haiku 2. Retro Fan 3. Deco Breeze Flamingo Fan 4. Fanimation Fargo Fan 5. Vornado Vintage Fan

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