The Backpack that GIVES BACK



Here in Hawaii we are nearly one month into school already. It's a bit different skipping the kids off to school at 8am and being all balmy + sweaty. If you or your kids are just like me, school supplies are GAME-CHANGING! Sweltering and sweaty, nothing beats shiny new LOOT, and writing your name on everything! This year, we took a different route with procuring our fabulous school supplies - despite the heavy lure of the star wars + hello kitty laden products, we went with all YOOBI produced delights. 

Upon discussing the YOOBI mission with my mini crew - they were even MORE excited about going YOOBI and about going back to school! You see, YOOBI is not just company that manufactures brightly colored, cleverly created, jealousy inducing products. For every YOOBI item purchased another is donated to a class room in need, it's the YOOBI promise. Really, what more could you ask for besides being awesome + giving back? Well, I guess perhaps jet propulsion afixed to the YOOBI backpack... (???)

Now, the whole thing gets just a little bit sweeter... together with YOOBI, I'm giving a fully loaded backpack away to the highest TWEETER!! In 150 characters or less tell me what your fave YOOBI product is. Use the #YOOBIgroupie hashtag + be sure to tag @YOOBIgives + @MrsLilien in your tweet for the loot filled bag! Extra points for signing up for YOOBI emails, it's really a win-win cause you'll be first to know about YOOBI news + SALES!

So... with that said, I'll let you get to tweeting, taging, sharing + subscribing! I'll announce the winner via TWITTER on Thursday, eeeeek this is so exciting!!

And remember, with every Yoobi item you buy, another Yoobi goodie is donated to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S.!! YES!!

Sincerely, your teacher...

Mrs. Lilien


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