Elevated Scents


When it comes to fragrance - I say make a STATEMENT. Elevate your every limb with something vivacious. Ye need not many... two or three will do! One for the day, one for the night + one therapeutically magical for when you're not quite feeling right! The above three scents are my of-the-moment obsessions, each and every one of them make a positively enlightening bottle to skin impression.

As for the home...every space needs it's own unique essence and i'm utterly obsessed that I can give a room down the hall a taste of the kitchen!!! PRODUCE CANDLES?! I mean, can you really even handle? My mouth is watering at the thought...it's utterly substantial!

P.S. Every pick above is SAFE, SAFE, SAFE. No nasty chemicals that are purposely underplayed. 

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