Mrs. DeadBeet



Pardon me while I interrupt our regularly scheduled program, there's a statement that I must issue. That is... I'VE BEEN A DEADBEET!! There, I said it. Now, I'll continue. Along with my recent move to Hawaii, much has changed. It's all been good, but it's caused a bit of a stall on this platform in exchange. Everything in life has some kind of purpose whether we're prepared for it or not. One thing I can reassure, creating new + fabulous content is something I have NOT forgot! In the coming months there will be OODLES of MRS things to share and reveal! Behind the scenes    a new ME is in the works and it's quite the ordeal. No, I won't be re-introducing myself as BRUCE Lilien; but I can say that the MRS-verse is undergoing a complete revision! Making mountains move + orchestrating operations has compromised some of my daily obligations. I can assure you, it'll all be WELL worth the wait!! In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep up with delivering daily delights... please forgive me if they're late.

Okay, that is all. Thanks for your ear, eyes + mind. Really... y'all're super kind!



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