Nightly Lulling Rituals



Whilst one is convalescing, sleep becomes numero uno! Gone are the long nights logged in my MRS studio. I've grown quite fond of my senior citizen routine; dinner at 5:30 and bedtime at 8:15! What I've done to make it extra special is I've made myself a lovely night time ritual. First I take my nigh-night medication, and sip them down with room temp tea - then I draw myself a luke warm tubby filled with coconut bath soak reserved JUST for me! When I'm all soaked out, I let myself air dry and light an intoxicating candle - I take my time to saturate my body with mists, oils, and serums galore as much as I can handle. Then I slip into a succulent pair of jammies and plug into my latest listen. I'm not much of a reader, but boy do I love being read to like most children. I keep my sleeping essentials top notch, for a person's bed is their sanctuary. Only the best will do, and yes, splurge because it's necessary! Upon waking up, I always feel reseted and fresh as a daisy - it makes the new day ahead feel a lot less crazy!

I hope at some point this weekend you give a few of my rituals a try. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy every indulgent of this lullaby.



Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak / Love + Roses Beauty Mist / Mermaid Body Oil / HI Wildflower Botanica, Blooms on the Lanai Candle / Yoobi Headphones / The Sleep Shirt Jammie Set / Parachute Bedding, Venice Sheet Set / The LEESA Mattress

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