For the Love of Lav + all things FAB!!



When you live in the TROPICS, fall just doesn't exist! You can browse, ooh and awe, but your can't justify a boot or a coat... you get a little pissed. BUT, to my delighted surprise, a new hue emerged leaving me hopeful and mesmerized. LAV-EN-DER, congratulations on becoming fall's little darling. Unexpected on all accounts, I find you fresh, bewitching and utterly charming! Unlike the snoozy jewel tones so common this time of year - you bring a vibrancy and freshness, a new true fall hue pioneer! Needless to say I'm OBSESSED! Not only does your native aroma help me de-stress, but your attendance this season has left me joyfully skipping + utterly impressed. From my hand soap to my sharpies, and my sunnies to clutches - I've welcomed you a poised smile and a bow à la duchess! And if that wasn't enough, the new Kate Spade book All in Good Taste - Saturated in lavender (of course!) features a valuable juxtaposition between the fictional Mrs. Dalloway VS MRS LILIEN (you know, me) and our party prep parade. Friends, this is the kind of life wisdom one cannot put a price upon. The richness of topic, from honing your inner hostess, to candying the perfect pecan, and charming the swankiest of swans is worth every penny from a good pawn! 

So, here you have it, my glorious glee surrounding fall's lavender embrace -- and not to mention my fabulous feature in the latest book of life from THE KATE SPADE!

Hoorah for all things lav + the fact that it's HAPPY and FAB!!



Kate Spade, All In Good Taste Book / Loeffler Randall Lou Pointy Toe Flats / Lavender Sharpie / Karen Walker Universe Frock / Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch / Carelle Rose de France Cocktail Ring / Mrs. Meyers Lavender Hand soap / Dolce + Gabana Sunnies

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