Caftans + BonBons



It is with the highest level of passion that I rattle on about the above niche style fashion. When it comes to statement adornments, remarkable robing and all things MAJORLY MRS; I make it my devoted duty to honor these esteemed and vivacious visions. Not for the faint of heart, but wildly wondrous nonetheless, I find these delicate yet HUGE Les Bonbon earrings worthy of a duchess but also befitting for daily dress! Upon discovery, I nearly fainted! My pupils became alarmingly dilated! When this somewhat rare reaction happens, I feel as though someone snuck into my brain and created the most spectacular thing I could ever imagine!

Now, the official uniform of MRS Lilien: The Caftan; a topic in which I could yap about to no end. This classic and elevated vestment works the very same way as an antidepressant. Donning such HIGH, billowing costumery - brings about an ethereal gayety! Thus, the predicament of not ever wanting to disrobe prevails. Leaving you sullen, and with windless sails. So I say, here here to wearing the same dam thing every single day! If it makes you feel like the Goddess of Glamtown, then I say 'oh what the hay!'



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