Banana Babe / Basil Bangs Banana Beach Umbrella / Proenza Schouler Bikini / Odeme Los Feliz Nail Polish / Sophie Hulme Copa Banana ToteQuay Australia, West End Girl Sunnies / Sensi Studio Panama Hat

Come MRS Fancy Pants, fancy me BANANA! All signs are pointing to a sunny-hued fashion bonanza! You won't hear a single argument from my camp - for there's no better shade of yellow to compliment skin that's tropically tanned! Channel your inner Carmen Miranda and stock up on all things befittingly banana! When you do, be sure to buy by the bunch! For a banana inspired accoutrement will always give you that extra snazzy punch! Join the fancy flock and trade in your winter blues - for a one way ticket on the fabulously fashionable banana boat cruise!! 

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