8 Must-Have Prints


There's something about garnishing home surfaces that i find utterly satisfying - it's magestic, delightful + electrifying. Blank walls no more, this MRS is fully and graciously on board. Other than the token painting in every third room - you must boast fabulous arrangements of prints through and through. But you must know the golden rule, the wall is your canvas - don't do a job that's "poo poo". You must find the worthiest of the worthy and the splashiest of the splashy, for it's those that will make a dull room HAPPY! 

I've got my eye on the above assortment - I can already picture them...the perfect adornment!


Green Malachite / Red Coral by Furbish Studio

Metador / When Life Gives You Lemons... also by Furbish Studio

Break the RulesGoing BANANAS  guess who? Furbish Studio

Numbers / Straws by BRIKA artists

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