Aloha Mrs. IKEA


Although now a faraway land from my island-dwelling self - I firmly stand by IKEA + all of it's treasure bearing shelves. A gal goes straight to heaven among climbing the organized smattering of AFFORDABLE homewares. I don't, oh I DO, dare!!! 

Are you still recovering from the above tropical discovery?! They're stepping up their game, that's for bleep-ity sure, I've got beads of sweaty excitement seeping from my every PORE! How I wish I could throw everything + its mother into my island car + head for home - as I could but a few weeks ago when I was in my Cali-zone. 


Bamboo Shade / Red Textile Cord / Potted Dragon Tree / Green Chair / Rechargeable Battery Pack / Dimmable Bulb / Seat Cushions / Assorted HooksBeach BagSide Table 

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