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MRS. Coastal Living


On the stands TODAY is Coastal Living's March issue + as a ceaseless resident of le coastal domain - i've made it to the coveted pages of the highly acclaimed! The fabby CL crew knocked on my little door for some playful selections boasting the highest, brightest + grandest rapport. From pool to purse to closet I pulled my precious picks - the things that make me explode with joy and clap, jump + kick! So if you happen to grab a copy off the racks, send me a tweet / leave a comment / wave your flag. It makes my mind shake at the thought of all of you flipping to page 7 and seeing little old me!!! 



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What's in my BEACH BAG?



After spending the better part of my life on the beach, I'd like to think I'm what you'd call a Professional Beach Go-er. I've tried and tested just about every beach-centric accessory and in turn consider myself a HIGH Beachess title holder! So, it's only prudent that I share with you my most coveted beach bag + it's contents. I promise that all things listed are extremely necessary and 100% no nonsense! Now pack that scuba bag +  get your butt to the beach! Enjoy yourself whole heartedly, then repeat!

GLAMOURPUSS neoprene scuba tote / STELLA MCCARTNEY cateye sunglasses / RIDER WAITE tarot card / CYNTHIA ROWLEY scuba jacket / COOLA spf 50 / THE BEACH PEOPLE roundie towel / GRAY MALIN iPhone case / YOOBI pink headphones / BALLAST POINT big eye ipa / YOOBI pink journal / GRAIN Good Vibes Spray

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Beachside, Poolside, Island-side or else - these four ensembles are the key to a brighter, fabbier self! "Look good, feel good" really plays its part so when push comes to shove your summertime closet deserves a mega sun-start!!! Moods reflect style and styles reflects spirit and i'm all about the options...embracing who I am + totally owning it! Be it black + white stripes or a splashy floral print, I allow my closet options and avoid the ever-frightening "permanence". 

Which ensemble are you dying to add to your stylish turbulence?

Happy Sunning! Xxx

The Princess on the Prowl - ViX animal print bikini / The Winning Combo - Mumu Kimono, Mumu Shorts + Orange Fleeps / Coral Fevah - ViX bikini + Caftan / The Day Striper - ViX bikini + flops

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Do you make like Moby Dick? Do you live the life aquatic? Well then of course you don a  wetsuit when you frolic! Nowadays this species of gear is wildly at the ready - heck even your sister Sue paddles out passed the jetty! I must say, if you're going to wallow in the waves you ought to do it right - zipping yourself into one of these bad boys and you're bound to look dynamite! Who cares if you flop about like a seal pup or even sink - at least you'll look good while splashing around in the drink!

Surf's Up!



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